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Tremblay Vending Company is a New Hampshire based and operated full service vending company. We provide snack machines, soda machines, and food machines to our customers in Southern New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts. Tremblay Vending provides, Pepsi machines, Coke machines, full size snack machines and full size food vending machines.

Call (603) 759-5290 to see what we have available.

We Take Requests!

Craving a particular snack item? We will be happy to customize selections to provide the choices you want. Contact us with your requests and put your desired items in the Comments box.

Mission Statement

We are a small reliable vending company that believes in excellent service to our customers. Beside good equipment and excellent choices in product which should be standard the only thing we have to offer is excellent service and we provide that to our customs. Please give us the opportunity to take care of your vending needs.


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